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Journey for Sight is essentially a committee of one for which the Treasurer is the Advisor.

There are 9 canisters placed throughout the town of Millbury, including J.T.’ s Mini-Market, Riverside, Ray’s Hardware, Village Knoll Variety, Scannells Liquors, Atchue Opticians, the St. Charles Hotel, and the Old Time Inn. As people in Millbury frequent these establishments, they place donations in the Canisters.

As time passes the committee determines the pace at which the canisters should be collected which is usually every 2- 2&1/2 months. The committee also must keep the Canisters clean & presentable with updated Lions logos which they then replace the canisters in play with fresh ones.

The committee then organizes the coins collected (may or may not keep track by establishment) and brings them to the National bank in South Grafton where they are deposited in the coin counting machine. With the approval of the bank the money deposited by the coins is replaced by bills, deposited and withdrawn and combined with dollars placed in Canisters. A check is then given to the Treasurer for the total for placement in the Foundation Account.

Additional opportunities present themselves during the Carnival week. A Canister is placed at the food kitchen for the Carnival’s duration. Additionally, if circumstances are right, the Canister at the Old Time Inn is run through the crowd watching the two nights of Fireworks at the Inn.

Annually, the Club pledges an amount to Mass Lion’s Eye Research for Journey for Sight. Over the past five years or so, that amount has been $1500.00 which we have always achieved.